Content Confab & Careers > An Interview With Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson is a revered figure in the content strategy space. She's also one of the most effervescent, passionate and friendly people you are likely to meet and for us that's a killer combinat

The Simple Guide to Competitive Auditing

Auditing your competitors can be a very powerful strategy to gain more knowledge on your industry and what it takes to win. To do that successfully requires a data-led approach and that starts with

Data-Driven Content Ideation eBook Launch

Do you feel somewhat overwhelmed at the prospect of creating amazing digital content? Don’t be embarrassed: it’s not an uncommon response! After all, whilst there really is a science behind having

What Makes Content Go Viral?

Blog posts, infographics and articles are being produced and published at an astonishing rate, but most of it we will never see. Typically, the bits of content we do see is because they've gone 'viral

Zazzle Media Presents @ Content Marketing Show 2014

Zazzle's Head of Search and Data took centre stage at this November's Content Marketing Show to deliver a talk that centred on one of the key processes we use to ensure that content strategies match s

The Real World Guide to Responsive Design

Responsive design has been one of the cornerstones of 2014 digital strategies. Getting 'it' right across all devices is now critical to success with as much as 60% of traffic now coming from mobile. T