BrightonSEO 2014 > What Journalistic Principles Can Teach Digital Marketing

Below is the transcript from Julia Ogden's talk from BrightonSEO 2014. In it our Head of Content shares her vast experiences as a print journalist and editor, painting the picture of what journalism r

101 Ideas For Your Blog

Every business needs a blog. It is crucial to remember that content rules SEO, and without amazing content on your site, you won’t be on top of the rest!Blogging drives traffic to your site, as

How to Win with Content - Game of Thrones Style

This blog post serves two purposes; to provide real actionable insight into how to ensure the quality of your content led marketing work but also as a reminder that creativity is key when it c

Content Marketing From the Other Side of the Fence

With the world of blogging absolutely blowing up in the last few years, it’s no wonder that many of us are looking to expand and turn it into a business. Fashion bloggers, in particular, have taken

Making the Complex Clear: 10 Digital Writing Tips

Web content must be trusted, clear and appeal to its target audience to achieve its aim of being read and, even better, shared. Your copy must sell itself and shine among the wads of poorly written an

Google Penalty Recovery and Avoidance - The Rules Have Changed (Again)

Link-based penalties have been around for a long time now - and quite frankly, they've been covered to death! The next logical thought that will probably be running through your mind right now then is