Digital PR 101 – How to get more journalists to accept your content

How to get more journalists to accept your content – the holy grail of digital PR! Despite seeming like a pretty basic pre-requisite for digital PR execs, this is not actually as easy as it sounds.

Who Won Social this April Fools Day?

April Fools’ Day has become one of the most important dates in the social media calendar and this year has been no different.   Social media professionals will be either reaping the rewar

Brainstorming your way to Success

Yesterday afternoon in a sun-lit, graffiti adorned meeting room known as Tracey Island (yes, we know, we spelled it wrong) a disparate band of Zazzlers gathered around a pile of brightly coloured Post

Paid Social Audience Targeting: The Revolution Continues

The ability to specifically target a brand’s ‘perfect customer’ at the precise point a purchasing decision is about to be made is marketing Nirvana. That dream moved a step closer to being re

Technology is only as good as the story > Ann Handley Interview

For all the different methods of marketing, blogging, videos, podcasts and other modes of transmission, Ann Handley is certain of one thing; they won’t work if the content itself doesn’t stand up.

How to QC Written Content

Anyone who has kept a close eye on the challenges experienced by local and regional newspapers over the last five years or so will have little hesitation in nominating the specific job role which appe