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Reinventing Digital Marketing for the Industry

McLaren Software is a fast growing enterprise software company with offices across the globe. Their challenge has always been to relay their complex, technical message to a mixed audience of Head Engineers and Marketing Directors.

Its software saves those running major capital projects, such as the building of steel mills or major factories, millions by organising data.

We worked with them to create a more visual content marketing strategy that involved the creation of infographic and data visualisation pieces to better explain the value of their software. This, combined with an influencer outreach plan had such an impact that key conversions went up 500%.

The company is now in the midst of a major acquisition run and we have helped shape that digital strategy to ensure the success continues.

Example Infographics

Zazzle came in at an interesting time for McLaren, as we embarked on an acquisition spree. Their strategic digital knowledge and technical skill has ensured that has been an easy process online, while their content outreach has performed incredibly well for us. We are breaking new ground for our industry.

Tim Taylor, CMO, Mclaren Software