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Insight Leads a Great Marketing Plan

When ParentMail first approach us to help them with what they described as ‘SEO’ the simple choice would have been to ‘optimise’ their website, flash around a few rank charts and be done with it. But that’s not how we do things around here.

Instead, when ParentMail (one of Europe’s leading school to home communication platforms) contacted us we decided to pitch a social led digital marketing campaign that leveraged the power of FaceBook as the primary route to market for the business. And the results speak for themselves.


Marketing to Parents

ParentMail has two clear cut audiences:

1. Schools and their teachers, managers etc.
2. Parents who use the service

Traditionally all of their marketing activity had focused around the former, taking a traditional ‘sales led’ approach to raising awareness and growing user base.

The company approached Zazzle Media as the business prepared to launch its ParentMail2 application – a much more involved, all-encompassing piece of SaaS software that allows parents do pay for lunches, book school trips, organise diaries, receive school letters etc all from one place. And the task was simple – ‘create more visibility for ParentMail so we can better communicate ParentMail 2′s launch and benefits.

The demographic and info from our own research suggested that Facebook would be the ideal place to build up a relevant audience cost effectively and we did just that by following our three phase social plan:

1. Build.

2. Engage

3. Monetise

By creating a collaborative content plan and executing it with precision we have seen audience growth peaks such as the one shown in the graph below. All in all that’s a 930% increase in audience across a single month!

That doesn’t mean we have ignored other platforms however. We also work hard with Twitter to engage parents and use social listening to help monitor key terms for the brand. As a result audience here has grown too and the business is reaching more people than ever before.

Zazzle Media have been brilliant. Their deep technical understanding of social platforms and strategic content planning has ensured our engagement levels have reached 9% and we plan to begin working on bigger campaigns with them as a result...

Geoff Jones, Marketing Director, ParentMail