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Launching on social for a Google backed startup

Rocket Lawyer is an American based company which has been heavily invested in by the likes of Google. Rocket Lawyer’s mission is to help make legal documents more social, in that they can be created and shared by anyone online.  In late 2012, Rocket Lawyer launched into the UK marketplace.

Our challenge was to build an initial Facebook audience and to begin to engage that audience with the Rocket Lawyer brand.  Bearing in mind the UK market was not familiar with Rocket Lawyer, this was not a straight forward project.

Initially, we profiled the Rocket Lawyer US Facebook audience and found out that they were predominantly female and in the higher age brackets.  Knowing this we tailored our content strategy to make it female focused and in line with the brands strategy of targeting business owners rather than family law customers.

Our social data pulled out from the US audience allowed us to create dynamic targeting sets which allowed us to grow the Facebook audience to 3,000 within the initial 6 week period from a starting point of zero.

This has given Rocket Lawyer a real starting point to grow out from in the UK.  Developing a loyal initial following on Facebook will help them to create brand advocates, and the engagement over the initial period has been more than double that of their American counterparts!

Zazzle Media’s data led approach to social was exactly what we needed for launching successfully in the UK. The initial campaign period has been a huge success with our engagement levels being really strong and our audience growing in line with our KPI’s

Sarah Beresford, Rocket Lawyer UK