The Zazzle Ideation Process

This is the result of 15 years of content brainstorming experience, borne out of the world of print and made fit for purpose in the digital world. Scroll now for the 8 pillared process, each one is a mini ideas meet focused on one specific thing...

The Brief

The old adage 'go back to brief' is so true, and often missed, so start the process with a brainstorm that sticks strictly to the brief.

Data and Personas

Pull out all of your data here. Whether personas exist already or you have to create them by diving into social data like this or delving into search or analytics data.

Long Tail Opportunity

A critical component in the Hummingbird era. Creating those problem/solution posts and landing pages is now rewarded in a big way. Use tools such as the below to help:

Semantic Phrases

Taking a view on what you could be relevant for in a semantically connected world is key and tools such as these below help:

Evergreen Content

Getting your evergreen content strategy right is life and death as without it you have nothing of long term value. Working on ideas around what it should be is one of the most important parts of the ideation process. Key tools here are:

Content Types

Once you have a number of ideas it is important you start 'classifying' them. Use excel to do this and highlight content types where you are weakest.

Purchase Funnel

Ensuring that content exists to support your visitors throughout the entire buying process is key. Understanding what those stages are will really help you structure this.