James Perrott

Head of Search and Data

James is our ‘go to’ expert on all things search and data. With a background in computer science and many years experience in search he expertly guides our search team to deliver world class paid and organic campaigns for our varied client roster.

As well as being a one time European Gaming champ he is also  a trained project manager and data mining expert, providing the insight from which we inform every other element of our work. James also speaks and writes regularly on search related topics and is a well known character in the industry.

Recent posts by James

Penguin 2.1- What Has Changed?

Penguin 2.1- What Has Changed?

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Penguin 2.1 is here, and from what Matt Cutts has quoted it is supposed to be quite a minor update with only 1% of search queries affected. If that were the reality then few webmasters…