Who are we?

The story started back in 2009 in the corner of a front room. We have since evolved into a business spanning three UK offices and are now proudly part of the world’s fourth largest advertising and marketing group; IPG Mediabrands.

It’s been quite a journey, but we’ve kept our culture close.

Our enlarged family network has given our team the scale and global reach to work with brands of every size without boundary, as well as access to unbeatable tools and insight from experts in every corner of digital marketing.

We don’t rest on our laurels however. Having helped craft content marketing, our job is to ensure that it continues to develop into the powerful, business changing discipline it is. This means continually innovating to ensure that our approach, strategies and services lead the way.

Our Values
  • Passion

    Put quite simply, we have a voracious appetite to innovate and to deliver the very best service, at every opportunity. As a collective of experts across journalistic content creation, content distribution via PR and influencers, search and data, strategy development, design and development and videography; our collective passion is second to none.

  • Innovation

    We pride ourselves on our contribution to the digital marketing industry. This includes inspiring talks, cutting edge tools and thought leadership pieces, shared across the net. We hold content marketing at the cornerstone of our marketing strategy.

  • Expertise

    We are leaders and not followers. Our proficiency within the industry can be found in any direction online and has been recognised by professional bodies wide and far, as well as our clients most importantly.

  • Creativity

    Creativity is a huge part of content we produce at Zazzle Media, combined with cutting-edge data and visionary strategy, we deliver creative ideas which truly resonate with targeted audiences of value.

  • Empowerment

    Each and every member of the Zazzle Media team is accountable and empowered to deliver astoundingly good results for our clients. From ensuring our thought leadership is ahead of the pack, to driving a project through to completion, we pull together to do fantastic things for our clients.

  • Our Zazzlers

    Our culture is second to none. Our people make sure of this. Our Zazzlers are a family network of creative individuals who share a passion for digital marketing and know how to have a good time too! Often seen rolling their sleeves up for some fundraising, a spot of yoga, seasonal fancy dress or even a table tennis competition! Fancy becoming a Zazzler, take a look at our open opportunities.

Our Leadership Team

Simon Penson
Simon Penson Managing Director

Simon is the founder and managing director of Zazzle Media. Established in 2009 simply to put content marketing on the map.

Simon loves content and always will, simply because it is the only conduit though which long term value can be created.

A driven but empathetic kinda guy. Passionate but impatient.

He is inspired by anyone who’s not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer. Those that find success out of adversity, toil and risk. A fan of placers of big bets.

Find out more about Simon.

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Laura Morris
Laura Morris Operations Director

A driven, determined and occasionally bossy lady, Laura has her work cut out with project management, operational processes, relationship building and creative processes here at Zazzle Media.

The ‘go-to’ for a weekly egg delivery and always a friendly face.

Inspired by the strong words of Madonna, Laura quotes: “I’m tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a b**ch, okay” as her mantra for life!

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Julia Ogden
Julia Ogden Content & PR Director

Julia has more than 20 years’ experience in content marketing within journalism, PR and digital.

Now leading the direction for content marketing and distribution at Zazzle Media, Julia is happiest when she is busy; which is just as well!

Julia constantly pushes the boundaries of her learning, developing new skills and techniques is all part of her job as content continues to iterate.

A passion of Julia’s since joining Zazzle Media in 2013, has been bringing her journalistic principles to the digital world.

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Richard Marriott
Richard Marriott Strategy Director

Richard is a fan of variation, and is a boss at multitasking.

Inspired by people who work their a** off to achieve things in life. From top athletes to those that struggle day-to-day but have the determination to get there.

Richard has over ten years experience on ‘the other side’ so can empathise with Zazzle Media’s clients and their everyday challenges.

Richard is excited to see how channel and device will continue to develop around how we consume content, after all this content stuff has been around for a while!

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Tim Hopma
Tim Hopma Head of Design & Development

Tim leads the creative pack at Zazzle Media as the passionate, dedicated and determined design and development manager.

Inspired by disruptors, underdogs and outsiders, Tim makes sure that the ‘shape creation’ and ‘character typing’ here at Zazzle Media is cutting edge.

Fascinated by technology and the continual impact it has on the world, Tim takes a vested interest in VR/AR and the controlled advancement of AI and machine learning.

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Hans Seeberg
Hans Seeberg Head of Creative Content

Inspired by the infographics of Wired magazine, the brain of David Attenborough and the ridiculousness of Alan Partridge, Hans is one of the key people responsible for bringing our Brand as Publisher ethos to life with great ideas. He is also in charge of nice biscuits.

Pre-Zazzle, Hans had 20 eventful years in magazine publishing which included being driven 205mph through a tunnel in Tokyo, editing the world’s best-selling F1 magazine, and being passionately embraced by Sacha Baron Cohen while he was dressed as Borat and clutching a live goat.

What gets him out of bed in the morning? Collaborating with a team of talented people to make brilliant content that’s impossible not to engage with. Well, that and two kids jumping on his head.

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Lauren Allen
Lauren Allen Head of Client Services

Heading up the Client Services team, Lauren is conscientious and hardworking and has been part of the team for the past 5 years.

As a real heart-on-the-sleeve kind of girl, Lauren values a firm but fair approach to getting things done at Zazzle Media.

Personal accolades include winning various ZIT awards for ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Best Female’, alongside a heroic go-karting 3rd place achievement.

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Stuart Shaw
Stuart Shaw Head of Search & Strategy

Stuart heads up the Search and Data team here at Zazzle Media as the king of perfectionism and facts!

Always hungry for knowledge; Stu harbours many Dad jokes, useless facts and redundant knowledge.

You’ll find Stuart with his head in a spreadsheet coming up with genius solutions and when he’s not at work he’s absorbed in high fantasy, munching pizza and entertaining his kids!

Stu is excited to see how mobile-first truly develops and who the real winners and losers will be.

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Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes Content Manager

Kevin is responsible for the quality of all the content we create for our clients here at Zazzle Media, across all formats and platforms.

Kevin describes himself as solid, reliable, modest and self-critical. Also, the owner of a self-deprecating sense of humour.

The first half of Kevin’s career was in print publishing, the second half in digital. What links the two is content, and however the world changes he fundamentally believes that people will still want to read, still want to be educated and entertained by the written word.

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Matt Carson
Matt Carson Commerical Director

The newest member of the management team, Matt is responsible for smoothing that transition from lead to client, and making sure that each and every client is matched with the right services for their business.

Matt is also a fiercely competitive office ping-pong player, that ‘got-to-win’ attitude serving Zazzle well!

With over twenty years experience across on and offline media, Matt has run his own sales and consultancy business for several years, and has a wealth of experience with both SME and larger enterprise level businesses. His roots in the publishing industry have cemented a passion for quality content.

Matt is excited to see how marketing automation develops further and how voice search continues to grow.

Top Zazzle Media moment: The 2018 Summer Party – those dodgems brought out a whole other side of Matt!


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