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Lauren Shanks 7 years ago

With a growing reputation comes an increasing call for blog posts and interviews not just on our blog but also that of other authority digital marketing sites and to be honest we're really enjoying contributing. For those of you that may have missed our first post on the global authority that is SEOMoz you can catch it here and its part one of what we hope will be a multiple chapter guide to online content strategy. Click on the link, have a read and let us know your thoughts by either thumbing it up or down - depending on your view. And join in the debate also as we welcome feedback. The latest guest post has just been published on the Digital Marketing Institute blog and consists of an interview with our MD Simon Penson on the changing face of Panda and SEO in general. You can find the Zazzle Media Interview by clicking on the link and in a nutshell we talk about how the last five Panda releases have reshaped the search landscape, while also offering a few tasty tips to wannabe SEOs and digital marketers as to the best way of stepping onto the ladder and progressing fast. And if you run a digital marketing blog we would LOVE to hear from you. Email us at info (@) and we'll get straight back to you with a plan of action. And for that matter we are more than happy to accept incoming guest posts also so please drop us a line if you have a fabulous idea you would like to share with our community.

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