Background Why work at Zazzle Media?

An exciting opportunity has arisen for someone looking to further their social media management career in a unique environment. We are looking for a knowledgeable candidate, who has at least 2 years’ experience in an agency or in house environment, who is able to work independently and create successful social campaigns across earned and paid social strategies.

As the social manager, you’ll also be expected to roll your sleeves up and lead from the front, managing communities and seeding fantastic content through every relevant platform.

You love to, and have a talent for crafting and condensing key messages succinctly and with flair. Alongside this, you see the world in a very visual manner and can communicate well via Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit etc. You understand social media platforms and measurements and can work wonders on the web.

You will be part of a dedicated communications team who deliver outstanding results week in week out. Zazzle Media puts the client at the heart of all we do and our love of digital has no end.

Role Summary Tell me about the job?
  • Learn Zazzle Media’s social media services and, where appropriate, look at ways to improve our processes.
  • Learn our processes and the software we use to make these more efficient, ensuring we are using cutting edge ‘best of breed’ tools to keep ahead of the game. Where appropriate suggest tools we can build ourselves.
  • Deliver market leading reports to clients to ensure we keep them in the loop at all times, retain them and also engender trust so we can up sell further services.
  • Ensure we deliver high quality services 100% of the time.
  • Find ways to constantly improve our results by keeping up with the very latest industry news and techniques.
  • Meet tight deadlines for all client work and help ensure the smooth delivery of monthly reports.
  • Put in place solid and easy to understand processes and plans so, at any moment, any of our team knows what is done and what is still to do.
  • Constantly communicate externally and internally so everyone is happy and knows what is going on.
  • Share your knowledge of data around the business and instill a culture within social media of data led expertise and decision making.
  • Work closely with our Content & PR Director to make your services available at peak times.
  • Consistently grow social audiences for our clients.

Business Development

  • Work to attract new social media business for Zazzle, based on selling our expertise around social data and management.

Liaison with the SEO and Content departments and any outsourced service suppliers

  • Ensure constant communication with the SEO and content departments to ensure that content is created to fulfill specific outreach needs as set by the Search and Strategy team each month.
  • Ensure we keep any outsourced work of high quality and ensure it is delivered on time and to brief.
  • You work hard to communicate with all team members and make sure that you and they deliver what is asked.

Liaison with clients

  • Help to ensure we communicate regularly with all clients as a company and that any concerns they have are raised and dealt with promptly, professionally and effectively.
  • Maintain first class relations with every client or prospective client by ensuring a professional, informed and friendly manner at all times.
  • Maintain a constant rapport with and make a habit of knowing each and every one of our main client contacts for when they may contact the office, or we need to contact them.
Key Attributes Your qualities...

Colleague/ Customer Focus
Develops and maintains effective and lasting relationships with colleagues and customers built on trust.

Influencing/ Persuasion and Selling
Communicates clearly, confidently and fluently. Understands the most appropriate approach to take in order to gain agreement of others to proposals. Handles objections positively and assertively.

Organising and Planning
Makes plans to tackle medium/long term issues, in line with an understanding of the ‘big picture’. Invests time in preparation and sets clear plans and priorities. Monitors progress against milestones and sees things through to completion.

Specialist Knowledge
Understands technical or professional aspects of their specialist field and continually develops and applies this knowledge.

Decision Making
Is able to make decisions and address difficult issues. Demonstrates commitment to decisions taken. Takes the initiative and makes things happen.

Learning and Developing
Eager to learn and takes ownership of self development.

Analysing and Providing Solutions
Proactively gathers and uses information from within and outside the Company, to arrive at well reasoned recommendations. Pre-empts problems, identifies opportunities and comes up with workable solutions.

Encouraging and Delivering Change
Sees when and where change is needed. Is flexible and positive to proposed business changes. Takes responsibility for implementing change (following manager’s agreement) and gaining buy-in of others to do this.

Resilience and Personal Motivation
Stays calm and composed under pressure and when dealing with difficult or confrontational situations. Enjoys a busy workload and does not mind unexpected interruptions. Able to switch off from work pressures at the end of the day. Prepared to work long hours and to respond personally to work problems at short notice.

Communicates clearly, both orally and in writing. Summarises key points in order to convey information succinctly. Uses language and style appropriate to the situation.

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