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The State ofSEO 2019

The results of this year's State of SEO Survey have landed!

At the beginning of 2019, we spoke to many marketing decision makers in the UK about their SEO knowledge and experience. This survey has highlighted the biggest struggles for SEO’s and revealed an interesting mix of focus-areas for 2020 strategy. Is your brand struggling with the same things as the likes of Disney, Oxfam, the RAC and many others? Read the full results...

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    Almost all our marketers saw search as an important part of their marketing strategy.

  • 97%


    But investment in search is slowing - 6% less than 2018 is spent on the average SEO budget.

  • 22%


    More than half of marketers surveyed admitted to being 'beginners' when it came to SEO.

  • 53%


    And almost a third cannot measure the impact of search activity - and if those marketers improved their knowledge and attribution for ROI, it would be easier to secure more investment for 2020!

  • 30%

    Read the full results today!

    We've written up the results of our SEO survey into an eBook, so you can see how your own experience of SEO measures up. We reached out to over 30,000 decision makers, across the UK's most prestigious brands to find out how we can help you with the everyday struggles and focus points for modern marketers. Grab a coffee and read the full eBook to get the full picture of SEO in 2019.

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