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Adventure Connections


Content Creation

  • 534% increase in organic traffic
  • 400% improvement in search visibility
  • Only 12 months to turn SEO performance around
Our challenge Serious fun requires serious strategy

Adventure Connections came to Zazzle Media in April 2017, with very low search visibility, and low traffic – the result of a site migration.

As an event organising business, they wanted to position themselves as the experts, and make themselves the go-to brand for anyone who wants hassle free event that is ‘serious fun’ – such as stag or hen nights, or even a corporate do.

Zazzle Media stepped in during April 2017 – when their visibility was almost non-existent. We had to find a way to boost this, and ensure that Adventure Connections would be seen as the best place to go for any event planning needs.

Our solution Strong content presence to boost profile

We embarked on an SEO adventure – thoroughly examining their site to ensure it was in the best possible state. The intensive SEO strategy encompassed thinking about Adventure Connection’s key visitors – consumers that are planning potentially stressful events and want it to be as pain free as possible. 

This meant we could target important search terms for the brand, for those consumers looking for help.

Off the back of the SEO activity, Zazzle Media’s next step was to create the AC Blog: containing content that would answer potential search queries, and show off Adventure Connections expertise and services.

From an SEO perspective, category content was a great feature to use here, to separating the events that would differentiate the consumers and what they were looking for. So Hen Parties, Stag Parties, Weddings, Team Building and so on, were key for creating relevant content for the right consumer.

The results A performance 180, in 12 months

Through this intensive content and SEO strategy, Adventure Connections saw their search visibility level grow from 30, in April 2017, to 1367 in August 2018 – a monumental 4456% increase.

Their mobile search visibility was even higher, going from 30, to 1958 – a mammoth 6426% increase for the brand’s mobile SERP presence

As for traffic, due to links gained from their useful content, and the thorough keyword strategy, their organic traffic performance has been boosted massively since Zazzle Media stepped in. Exactly a year after activity started, Adventure Connections organic traffic was up 342%. This continues to go up, at a peak for the brand with a 534% improvement as of August 2018 – even in their quiet season!

By creating blog content with titles like ‘The Ultimate Best Man’s Speech Template’, ‘30 Stag Do Challenges’ and ‘20 Great Ideas for a Hen Do in London’ that will be relevant for a long time to come, and will remain hugely popular, the brand has created links, and drawn in traffic consistently with this strategy.

By establishing Adventure Connection’s blog, Zazzle Media secured a confident tone of voice for the brand, and created easily shareable content for the right audience, by answering those all important pain points of organising a group event.

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