Building authority across the pond.

  • 150% Above target
  • 11.1M Visibility
  • 22+ Unique domains gained
Our Challenge Discovering new opportunity in a niche arena.

Foothold America assists organisations in the process of ‘setting up shop’ in the USA, ensuring that a suitable workforce can be found easily. The brand needed support in designing, implementing and executing a digital strategy to boost visibility online, which prompted a partnership with Zazzle Media.

The challenge for the Zazzle Media team was creating the right content from the very beginning of the campaign to secure Foothold America a quality influx of traffic to their website. To deliver this, a comprehensive strategy was built based on extensive research to identify the keywords and long-tail phrases that should be included in the content.

Our Solution Building authority with fresh content designed to educate and intrigue.

In order to match Foothold America with a suitable audience, the distribution team planned to secure content placements with authoritative niche websites. We aimed to create content that could answer the questions which were important for Foothold America’s rankings and essentially which would answer their consumer’s queries.

The difference between US and UK workplaces was an important topic of focus for the content. The Zazzle Media team produced an illustrative infographic and other useful content around this topic, which would be attractive to a multitude of sites who were interested in easily digestible, relevant content for their audiences. As Foothold America specialises in helping ease the transition from UK to US for businesses, answering the questions that potential clients would have was the first step to starting their customer journey through Foothold America’s services.

Building a strong backlink profile for the brand was our key to success. Securing placements on websites with enviable authority would bring Foothold America to centre stage as a trusted brand in their niche; allowing them access to an increased targeted audience.

Our Results Bringing ROI home at 150% above target.

The creative content secured excellent visibility for Foothold America, including placements with authoritative publications such as ‘The Epoch Times’, and ‘Ms Career Girl’ among others.

Initially we aimed for 20/20 trust and citation quality links with 100+ visibility on sites that were relevant to Foothold America’s keyword strategy, such as: how to set up a business in the USA, US payroll taxes, and how does a 401k work? A unique infographic detailing the difference between UK and US workplaces, salaries and holiday allowances was picked up and placed on over 22 unique domains; exceeding expectations and increasing visibility which reached a staggering 11.1 million (and growing).

In gaining these placements we secured Foothold America 50/50 site placements which totaled an over delivery of 150% more than our initial aim!

With regards to the desired traffic, just over a quarter of the total site traffic was through the designated infographic blog page on their site with 21% of those viewers being brand new sessions!

Find the full infographic here...
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