Polishing up conversion rates on outdated landing pages, for this cleaning brand.

  • 87% increase in conversion rate MoM
  • 48% uplift in new enquiries
Our challenge Driving new enquiries from existing traffic.

With over 25 years of experience, Molly Maid are market leaders when it comes to professional cleaning.

Having worked closely with Molly Maid for several years supporting with their SEO strategy, we knew the traffic being driven to the website could be working much harder.

We focused our attention on the pages receiving the vast majority of traffic; the parent and child location pages.

The solution Re-imagining landing pages.

With a clear focus on conversion and user-centric design, we knew it would pay dividends when driving new enquiries was the primary objective.

Our UX and CRO teams were able to quickly highlight what was missing from these pages and what could be introduced to provide a more trustworthy, appealing and professional experience for users. Working closely with the client, we were able to entirely overhaul these dated pages.

Given the importance of these pages, we needed to manage risk as much as possible. Therefore, it was imperative that we undertook a period of A/B testing to fully understand the potential impact the redesigned pages may have.

The results Phenomenal uplift in both conversion rate and monthly enquiries!

After a short period of testing, we were quickly able to determine the potential uplift we could expect to see if the newly designed pages were deployed sitewide.

The impact that the landing pages had across the website, was instant! We saw an
immediate increase in conversion rate and new enquiries being generated.

Conversion rate increased from 4.88% to 9.17% – an uplift of 87.9%. And the new landing page enquiries increased 45.2% – an increase from 1,580 to 2,294 MoM!

With December being a historically quiet month for new enquiries, this made the month-on-month impact even more impressive.

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