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The State ofContent

The results of this year's State of Content Marketing Survey have landed!

At the beginning of 2017 we spoke to thousands of marketing decision makers in the UK about content marketing. The results highlighted some of the toughest obstacles marketers will be facing this year as well as noteworthy budgetary trends and the best spend of marketing budget too.

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    62% of decision makers are unsure how to measure ROI from content marketing activity.

  • 62%


    70% are planning on increasing their content marketing budget in 2017.

  • 70%


    33% said they simply cannot find the creative talent to run their content marketing.

  • 33%


    Only 6% of decision makers feel their team are 'definitely clear' on how best to run content marketing practices.

  • 6%

    The results are yours today

    Attention marketers! The results of the 2017 State of Content Marketing Survey are now available to you for free in a handy eBook. We spoke to marketing decision makers from across the UK's most prestigious brands to find out what role exactly content marketing has in 2017. Grab a coffee and explore the state of play by downloading the eBook below.

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