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The State ofContent

The results of this year's State of Content Marketing Survey have landed!

At the beginning of 2019, we spoke to many marketing decision makers in the UK about their content marketing experience. This survey has highlighted the biggest struggles for content marketers and revealed an interesting mix of focus-areas for 2019 strategy and beyond. Is your brand following suit? Read the full eBook to see the state of content marketing in 2019!

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    There has been a 78% increase in content marketing budget since 2018.

  • 78%


    Nearly a third of marketers are 'definitely clear' on the best way to run a content marketing campaign.

  • 32%


    Less than a quarter of marketers are using influencers, a 15% drop from last year.

  • 23%


    1 in 10 marketers are now optimising for voice search - but can they execute it and get the results they want?

  • 10%

    Read the full results today!

    We've written up the results of our survey into an eBook, so you can see how your own experience of content marketing measures up. We spoke to decision makers from across the UK's most prestigious brands to find out how we can help you with the everyday struggles and focus points for modern marketers. Grab a coffee and read the full eBook to get the full picture of content marketing in 2019.

    Download the full report

    If you are looking for support with your own content marketing, then check out the various services we provide. Content is at the heart of everything we do, and we can lend an expert hand for content, an SEO boost, or PR and Automation innovation.

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