What is marketing automation and lead nurturing?

Marketing automation can be tricky to define. While ‘automation’ is a key part of the play, what it really does is allow you to intelligently grow an understanding of who your audience is, segment them and, in doing so, personalise the messaging and content they receive through carefully crafted email campaigns.

And, while many use it to help deliver emails to paid lists of addresses, the reality is that it is critical to centre it around a content plan that delivers brilliant, helpful content all the way through the entire funnel.

The diagram to the left demonstrates how this works…

How does marketing automation work for lead nurturing?

Let’s face it, generating leads and managing them effectively is tough work and you want to squeeze the most of every potential opportunity as efficiently as possible.

From a marketing perspective, you want to generate leads from content collateral, then measure the performance of that content whilst driving relevant leads for your sales team. Then the sales team want to focus on the most valuable leads with the highest propensity to convert whilst managing the rest of the pipeline as efficiently as possible keeping all other leads warm.

Marketing automation is the only solution for this. We work with and implement all the major platforms including Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

But the platform is only the start. Critically, we then begin the process by understanding user journey and audience, which allows us to build a strategy that works by capturing every opportunity that moves through your buying journey.

Being content specialists, we then create a content plan with key assets and on-going engagement at the heart of it all.

The audience interacting with this content is scored and segmented and then either nurtured through the automation process until the opportune moment in their buying journey, or prioritised straight into your sales funnel depending on their action, allowing you to spend time and effort focusing on your best leads.



Our Marketing Automation Philosophy

Our approach is centred on a brilliant content strategy designed to make the audience smarter and, in doing so, remember you for helping them make the right decisions. We use automation to personalise that dialogue over the long term so they buy from you forever more.


  • Marketing automation is dead in the water without great content
  • We design strategies to cover the entire funnel – end-to-end
  • Success means a measurable increase in sales and decrease in acquisition cost

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