Voice Marketing Strategy

Having already helped develop voice search strategies for several pioneering brands we can talk with real experience about how you should be taking advantage of the forthcoming market opportunity and race ahead of your napping competitors! 42% of device owners say their voice-activated devices have quickly become ‘essential’ to their lives – the voice era has already arrived, and there is a huge opportunity to grab before anyone else in your industry.

Our full-service process starts with an initial audit of the current market to understand where the opportunity lies and how you can claim it. That work generally focuses on three key areas:

  1. Knowledge graph strategy
  2. Local search strategy
  3. Voice application strategy

By covering these three key areas we ensure that every stone is turned over in the hunt for the optimum approach to winning in this critical new channel – when you consider that mobile voice-related searches are 3 times more likely to be local-based than typed searches, these areas are absolutely crucial to get right, to be the ‘answer’ Siri and Alexa are looking for.

You can see how our process works in the diagram to the left and we offer either a consultancy-led approach to opportunity discovery and the creation of the overall strategy, or we can simply work on one of those three core tactical elements. The choice is yours!


Alexa Skill and Google Home Action Development

As well as shaping and delivering a strategy to claim the informational voice search opportunity – through either local searches or the knowledge graph – we also design, deliver and promote Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions.

Our team of strategists and developers will not only build the perfect application, but will also ensure that they are likely to be used and found.

We use a process we call Conversation Mapping to ensure our Skills, Actions and any other tactic we roll out works to add value to the overall user journey.

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Our Voice Search Philosophy

To us, voice is the next seismic shift in the consumer universe. It is the interface computing always needed. But its development creates a sea change in how we need to market our products and services. Our content and tech solution is designed to capture all of that opportunity. Fast.


  • Content sits at the heart of all great voice strategies
  • There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution
  • Usage and audience data informs all our strategic direction

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