Zazzle Media helped to define digital PR and the wider content distribution, or promotion, market as far back as 2009 and is now one of the global leaders in the space. Our agency team seamlessly combines everything, from blogger engagement and digital PR with paid strategies that include both social and content discovery networks such as Outbrain, to maximise the reach of any content we work with. We also cover a number of languages, including:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  •  Italian
  • Dutch

Digital PR and Blogger Engagement
The distribution of digital content to influencers, or Digital PR, is an art form that we have helped define ever since the launch our fledgling PR offering at the start of 2009. As a result we have had more time than most to ‘get it wrong’ and iterate our process. And by taking a ‘kaizen’ approach to our process it has allowed us to build out an enviable list of existing contacts that span almost every ‘niche’ imaginable. As a result many of the largest agencies in the English speaking world come to us when their own efforts fail! Talk to us today about how we can help you and what existing relationships we have in your niche now.

Paid Distribution
Alongside the above we also have a team dedicated to promoting content via paid social and content discovery networks like Outbrain. These campaigns sit alongside the organic work to maximise reach and the number of eyeballs the content campaign can get in front of in order to promote sharing.

Our Approach

Because we are experienced in digital PR our team is often asked to share our knowledge through regular posts for the most read sites in digital marketing and at some of the most revered events in the industry’s calendar. You can find background on our approach everywhere from Search Engine Watch and Marketing Land to Moz, Hubspot and the Content Marketing Institute. We have also spoken in depth at such events as SearchLove, BrightonSEO and more. In simple terms we start and end with the content, ensuring it resonates with the influencer, or audience, you want to target. We utilize a mix of our own proprietary tools with other software to help build lists of brilliant journalists to work with on the creation of awesome exclusives that no one could say ‘no’ to. We’ll even send them a coffee afterwards to say thanks for running it! To find out how we can help your business simply drop us a message using the form below and we will be back in touch to arrange an informal chat.


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