The best of traditional and digital

Placing content on the most popular sites on the web is what we are born to do and we draw from a wider ‘expertise’ pool than anyone in the space!

Traditional PR execs sit side-by-side with our influencer experts and paid social consultants allowing us to devise the most cutting edge content marketing strategies possible around the content assets we produce.

Our PR professionals involve our journalistic team from a very early stage to ensure the content meets editorial requirements when launch date comes, ensuring we work with media outlets to shape the perfect angle and approach. This gets us close to guaranteeing success before we’ve even started!

And by leveraging our own proprietary influencer and journalist CRM – built up over the last 16 years – alongside the usual paid-for directories it means we have a head start, irrespective of language and country!



Our digital PR philosophy

We believe in the power of relationships and communication to solve all challenges. There is no campaign beyond the abilities of our skilled team and we make sure we bring in our journalists and media contacts as early as possible in the planning process to guarantee success.


  • Good relationships and communication is the key to success
  • Quality eyeballs matter most – and we understand where they are and how to find them
  • Every plan considers not just PR but all other channels in the ‘Paid, Earned and Owned’ model
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Thought leadership

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