Leveraging paid to maximize reach

Every piece of content has an objective; to reach as many relevant people as possible. These are the people that may find value or interest in the piece.

To achieve that, you cannot rely on a single channel. Instead you must work back from the audience insight you have and build a clear picture of where you might find them. That often means leveraging not just earned and owned but also paid reach.

And with a plethora of options in the space now it doesn’t mean that you must have ‘TV budgets’ to achieve success. Instead an intelligently targeted campaign across your social team or hand-picked influencer sites can add huge reach to the campaign.

Our search advertising philosophy

We use paid intelligently. For us it is not about huge budgets and broadcast approaches but carefully targeted and tuned campaigns based on sound audience insight data. It’s a means to an end – not the strategy – and forms one small part of a full campaign.


  • Everything starts with detailed audience insight.
  • Don’t waste a drop. Use paid to reach the right eyeballs.
  • Don’t spray and pray, use targeting intelligently.
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