Creating innovative content and scoring outstanding media placements.

  • 49m Total average eyeballs
  • 10 High quality media placements
  • 47/58 TC/CF average link quality
Our Challenge Building organic visibility

As one of the largest and best established online travel agents in Europe, the challenge for Zazzle Media was to uphold this strong reputation and grow the client base via organic search.

Travel Republic felt confident that Zazzle Media would ultimately create and deliver a strategy to build organic traffic to their website and importantly assist with brand recovery too. The crux of the challenge lay in the ability of the creative content to rank for key search terms and maintain a strong position on Google.

Our Solution Using a data-led approach to find media placements and fix site issues.

We took on the challenge with both hands, putting the content, distribution and search teams hard at work.

The brief for the campaigns was to provide consumers with useful content covering key niches including Travel, Family, Technology, Money and News.

Maintaining the campaign objectives (including persona and keyword data), the distribution team began discussions with national media outlets, briefing them on campaign ideas, mainly to help shape the content so that turn around for publishing is reduced.

Our approach was strategic and we prioritised the analysis required to improve pages site-wide. This included digging into the SCOT analysis tool for on page optimisation and specifically 600 destination URLs, as well as reviewing the disavow file and any struggling pages independently.

Our Results Winning authority links and exceeding targets across three campaigns.

Travel Republic was exposed to over 555m eyeballs over a time period of 4 months; an incredible achievement made successful by Zazzle Media’s recommended targeted media placements.

We established that Travel Republic had the opportunity to make the most of a number of search terms by creating original content to support this.

Zazzle Media enabled Travel Republic to feature on The Daily Mail, Breaking Travel News, The Daily Star and Huffington Post (amongst other titles). The increase in organic performance and revenue figure alike showed the correlation between data-led media placements and simply great results!

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