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    How to Write an Agency Winning RFP

    A ‘Request for Proposal’ gives businesses the opportunity to attract agencies for marketing support by setting a specific project brief. The document is crucial for instigating the next steps of your marketing campaigns - you need to ensure the people who will be helping you are on the same page…
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    Conversion Centered Design – FREE Wireframe Template for Lead Generation

    Give your landing pages the best chance to result in lead generation. By using our downloadable wireframe template you can use conversion centred design to ensure your users follow the journey you want them to! Read the full blog to find out about how conversion centred design can improve your website.…
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    Care for Your Contacts: The Marketing Automation Template

    Marketing automation can do wonders for nurturing your contacts. Creating an effective flow of relevant content is key to keeping your customers engaged with your business - but how do you start? This guide and our downloadable template will show you: Why you need marketing automation How to identify the…
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    The Ultimate Agency Collaboration Template

    Working with multiple agencies is not without its challenges. Staying on the same page as one another can often be at the route of most frustrations! To get the best from all parties, we have developed a collaborative template for all tasks taking place over a set period of time. Each agency's scheduled…
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    The Content Research Template: Mapping Out Opportunity

    Feel like your competition know something you don't? It's time to do your research! We have constructed an intelligent selection of GSheets which enable you to spot the opportunity in your content marketing activity. We want you to leave us feeling confident in the future of your content strategy... Areas…
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    The Keyword Research & Content Auditing Template

    You know what your content plan should look like. You have an idea of the type of content you need to write. (If you don't see here) You have people eager to get creative with content. But, where should you start with titles? And how do you ensure you're writing for…

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