Brand as Publisher Toolkit

Content marketing is getting serious. The initial goldrush is over and in its place a playing field that requires world class execution to win. The way to do that is via an all-encompassing strategy that puts content at the core of business operations. We call that the Brand as Publisher play and it’s transformational.

We penned a post all about it for our friends at Moz and in it we explained EXACTLY how to execute such a strategy to win.

To make that process even easier we’ve also created this brilliant free toolkit full of useful downloads so you can design your own plan.

In it you’ll find:

  1. A persona template
  2. An editorial calendar template
  3. Our Content Flow Content Matrix
  4. A flatplan template
  5. Our content campaign planner
  6. Our Content Style Guide
  7. Your Magazine Cover template

Download it now and kickstart your brand as publisher masterplan...

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