Content Style Guide

If you want to produce content, you need to do it with style. In more ways than one.

With brands increasingly stepping up to become publishers, they need to maintain a clear and consistent writing style that gets their message across in a professional way.

In a newsroom, this consistent approach is underpinned by a style guide. The crinkled, yellowing pages of these near-biblical texts are used by many a cub reporter as they find their feet as a writer.

As we look to help brands embrace the challenge of becoming publishers, it’s time to consider an appropriate content style guide that they too can adopt and use for their own purposes.

We believe our free download will:

  • help to establish some fundamental content ground rules
  • clear up any confusion surrounding common mistakes
  • be a reference point for anyone writing content on behalf of your business
  • serve as a starting point for a business looking to build their own, more complex style guide in the future

Download it for free now by entering your details.

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