Idea Validation Checklist

Brainstorming is an important part of planning a campaign, you need those ideas flowing to kickstart an exciting new project for your brand!

However, it's not always plain sailing. You need to ensure that you've considered every idea from every possible angle, to avoid a PR nightmare, or social media backlash.

We've created a checklist to ensure this does not happen - by inputting every idea, the data behind it, the angle, and the persona, you'll be aligning your ideas to your brand values, and ensuring the idea will resonate with your audience, and avoid any mishaps on the way. To get hold of this checklist, and start planning your next campaign, fill in your details to the right!

We looked at what there was to learn from recent social media campaigns, but you need to follow this through in your day to day campaign planning. Make sure you download this before your next brainstorm, and set your campaigns off on the right foot!

Read the full blog post here, and if you have any questions on the checklist, then please get in touch!

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