The Voice Marketing Playbook – FREE Ebook

Voice is the interface of the future and as marketers we cannot afford to miss the opportunity it creates.

For those able to create a first mover advantage the market share gains are immense but the key question is ‘how do you begin to build a strategy around a technology that is in its early adopter phase?

That’s a question we’ve been playing with for the past six months and our findings are captured in this brand new Ebook.

In it you’ll discover:

- Where the opportunity in voice lies
- How big it is and when it’s coming
- What you can practically do to plan a strategy

Download it by filling in your missing details to the right!

For any questions please Tweet Simon Penson

And if you want regular updates on news in the Voice search sphere, then sign up to our Voice Search Updates, and be the first to know about opportunities in this marketing channel!

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