Free audience-centric content strategy toolkit

Creating a laser-focused content strategy is not easy but its importance cannot be over emphasized.

It is easy to create content, but extremely difficult to deliver consistently on-point pieces you know your audience will engage with and enjoy.

This is where a thorough working knowledge of content strategy process comes in and thankfully, here at Zazzle Media, we have decades of experience to call upon in order to ensure everything we create is data informed to maximize enjoyment factor!

And like any good marketing business we are a fan of process and structure and over the years we have created several of our own templates to help make the journey as painless as possible.

Below you’ll find a selection of those, each one of which is free to download, or use.

Social Data Interest Calculator

The first stage of any content strategy is to create a deep understanding of the audience. One of the best ways is through social data and we have written more about this process here.

To really get a picture of the people you write for you need to understand all their interests. This simple calculator is designed to make the process of extracting that from Facebook much easier. Use it to calculate the number of people that form your potential audience that ‘like’ specific things on the platform as part of the process outlined in this recent social ebook.

Persona Template

Once you understand the likes, dislikes and demographic detail the next stage is to organize that detail into between one and three ‘personas’. The template download below is designed to ensure you capture, and organize, the key data for each of these.

Content Ideation Process

By this point you will know who you are going to target with your content. The next stage is to create a solid, structured brainstorming process to maximize idea output. Our team has spent years working on the best way to achieve this and you can try each ‘Pillar’ for yourself – and try all the free tools we use as part of it.

Content Calendar

Ideas should cascade into a content, or editorial, plan and below you can download our own version. It ensures you capture everything from key industry dates and events to ideas that translate across not just your blog but throughout your entire content ecosystem.

Article Structure Cheat Sheets

When it comes to creation few actually have the journalistic training necessary to sculpt genuinely brilliant news and features. The rules and skills needed to do this well have not changed for decades and it’s the reason we employ so many journalists.

Below we have created two really simple downloadable cheat sheets to structuring both news and feature content the right way and to make sure they deliver on their promise.

Content Flow Measurement Tool

Crafting an audience-centric content strategy is now critical to digital success but creating content that truly connects is one of the most difficult aspects of your entire marketing campaign. Not only does every individual piece need to be on point but it also needs to connect with everything else in a way that both informs and entertains. We call this ‘content flow’ and the tool below makes it really easy for you to measure your own in a really intuitive way.

Try it out now to see if your content strategy is fit for purpose…

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