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    BrightonSEO Deck: Hub, Hygiene and Hero Content Types

    Are you serious about your content marketing strategy? We've poured some real hours into getting content marketing strategy right for our clients and we want to share how planning Hub, Hygiene and Hero content into your calendar can dramatically improve your engagement results. Fill out your details to download the…
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    The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Your Brand: Volume 1

    Blogging is a vital part of the marketing mix but, while anyone can give it a go, a lot of work goes in to delivering content that is engaging, high quality and successful. So, how is it done? We’re launching a three-part eBook to lift the lid on the whole…
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    The Voice Search Strategy Guide

    Voice search is the future. Make sure you don't get left behind and build a strategy for your brands to tackle the spoken word. Our simple cheat sheet will help you to get started!
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    The Content Research Template: Mapping Out Opportunity

    Feel like your competition know something you don't? It's time to do your research! We have constructed an intelligent selection of GSheets which enable you to spot the opportunity in your content marketing activity. We want you to leave us feeling confident in the future of your content strategy... Areas…
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    The Keyword Research & Content Auditing Template

    You know what your content plan should look like. You have an idea of the type of content you need to write. (If you don't see here) You have people eager to get creative with content. But, where should you start with titles? And how do you ensure you're writing for…
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    The Constant Content eBook: The Silver Bullet for Failing Content Marketing Strategy

    Give your audience the content they are searching for. Sounds simple enough? It is, if you know how. Discover our methodology for this creative process here...

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