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    The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Your Brand: Volume 3

    So, you’ve finished writing your blog content – what next? The process certainly doesn’t end with the last keystroke. Once the writing is over, there are several key steps involved in helping you to achieve your blogging goals. In this third volume of the three-part eBook, Zazzle Media’s content team…
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    Highlighting Search Opportunity and Creating a Difficulty Metric

    Where does your search opportunity lie? Keyword research will highlight where your efforts should be focussed. We have constructed a formula to help you calculate the difficulty of the keywords you have selected to target. This simplified GSheet will enable you to calculate the opportunity in your search activity. By the end, you…
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    Care for Your Contacts: The Marketing Automation Template

    Marketing automation can do wonders for nurturing your contacts. Creating an effective flow of relevant content is key to keeping your customers engaged with your business - but how do you start? This guide and our downloadable template will show you: Why you need marketing automation How to identify the…
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    The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Your Brand: Volume 2

    How do you make your blog content stand out from the crowd? A lot of work goes in to the planning and preparation of a successful blogging venture but, once that is complete, it comes to the matter of actually writing the content. In this second volume of a three-part eBook,…
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    The Ultimate Agency Collaboration Template

    Working with multiple agencies is not without its challenges. Staying on the same page as one another can often be at the route of most frustrations! To get the best from all parties, we have developed a collaborative template for all tasks taking place over a set period of time. Each agency's scheduled…
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    The Search Elite 2017 Voice Interface Deck

    Voice Search has a big part to play in content marketing strategy; any search professional worth their salt will tell you that. Explore the opportunity that Voice Search could bring your brand in the online stakes and join us to get ahead of the game with a Voice Search strategy for success!…

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