Using technical SEO to turnaround search performance.




  • 26% increase in visibility
  • 360k more clicks
  • 466% return on investment
Our challenge Overturning technical blocks

We’ve worked with for years – you can see our previous results for them here! And following successful PR campaigns, and aiding their recovery from Google penalties, we turned our attention to their SEO strategy. 

Due to an inconsistent canonical structure on their site, were accidentally creating up to eight variations for a single page! Not only were these variations causing issues, but each of those variations had their own canonical – meaning Google could not understand which was the correct page to rank. This caused a huge amount of index bloat for the site.

Our solution Correcting canonicals for crawlers

AO required a huge technical overhaul – but our SEO team knew where to focus activity so that priority aims were achieved quickly.

Our SEO experts started implementing correct canonical structure to the site, which would indicate to Google which the correct page to rank for any given terms would be.

The canonical corrections were followed by implementing no follow directives – to prevent Google from crawling filter and parameter pages.

Our results Incredible uplift in visibility and clicks

After these technical fixes, search engine crawlers began to understand which pages should rank and this caused visibility to go through the roof – increasing 26% in three months.

Not only did we hugely impact search visibility in the immediate three months following the fixes, clicks on search results went up by 360k in those same three months!

We resolved AO’s largest indexing issue which was causing rankings to cannibalise each other and produce duplicate content. Once we established a strategy to resolve this, we helped AO generate a 466% return on their investment with us, now that their key terms are ranking properly.

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