See how this travel brand became a Google trending story, after we created some data-led jet-setting content.

  • 1M eyes from a single link
  • 24 hours to become a Google Trending story
Our Challenge Standing out in the travel sector.

Broadway Travel came to us as an ambitious challenger brand, focused on making massive waves across all key earned and owned digital channels.

They wanted to be seen as thought leaders in the saturated travel sector.

Zazzle Media were challenged with increasing brand awareness, driving traffic and equity to the Broadway site in order to improve organic search visibility. In short, they wanted a truly integrated earned and owned approach.

So as part of a wider content strategy to achieve these aims, we set out to create a campaign around a big piece of link worthy content – allowing us to reach the biggest sites and new audiences.

Our Solution Using data and content to get ahead of the industry.

In order to gain authority in the sector and launch their ‘thought leadership’ strategy we devised a plan to build a unique piece of data journalism, utilising our own researchers to mine insightful information on travel habits.

The result was this outstanding data-led blog piece sharing our findings in an easily digestible and uniquely detailed way, sharing Google Trends data to highlight where the world was heading on holiday in 2019!

The format was designed and developed in house to create a reusable template that would allow the brand to repeat the concept across multiple data sets, creating longevity and value for the client. We knew this attractive design and unique data angle would appeal to big traffic sites to gain links.

The piece went live in November 2018 and this timely launch meant we got ahead of many other 2019 round ups from bigger industry players and also played into key seasonality spikes we saw from mining industry keyword data.

Our results Sky-high links and a trending placement on Google, set the travel brand apart from the competition.

The trends piece managed to gain high quality, authoritative links which provided incredible exposure for the brand.


The results proved the value that relatively lightweight content can bring to an overall content strategy, earning placements and coverage on key industry sites such as Travel Weekly and more.

It also featured as a Google ‘Trending Story’ for the travel sector within 24 hours of going live.

A link from Refinery29, a popular media site, also positioned Broadway’s content in front of over 1 million eyeballs, just based on this placement alone!

See the Travel Trends piece here...
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