We take Broadway Travel from challenger brand, to trusted experts with sky-high SEO performance.


Broadway Travel



Content Creation

Data & Strategy

  • 4.2 million impressions in the SERPs
  • 140,000 clicks on their new blog content
  • 120% lift in organic traffic YoY
Our challenge Capturing ‘ready to buy’ leads in a competitive market

Broadway Travel came to us as an ambitious challenger brand, focused on making massive waves across all key earned and owned digital channels.

They wanted to be seen as thought leaders in the saturated travel sector.

Zazzle Media were challenged with increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to the Broadway site in order to improve organic search visibility.

When we came in, Broadway were unable to capture traffic for the top end of their funnel, conversion rate was low and their traffic was declining, due to their content not being strong enough for the highly competitive market.

Our solution Positioning the brand as a go-to source of advice

In order to gain authority in the sector and launch their ‘thought leadership’ strategy to achieve their search goals, we utilised our own researchers to mine insightful information on travel habits.

Armed with this information, we designed an informational hub to house strategically planned blog content, such as location specific travel guides and inspirational blogs. These were created to capture key terms, and address the ‘aspirational’ element of travel for the target audience – such as ‘8 Best Beaches in the World’ and ‘Best Hotels with Swim-Up Rooms or Private Pools’.

We then filled the hub with targeted content that captured users during research and awareness stage to improve the conversions for Broadway – positioning the brand as a go-to source for travel advice and tips for their audience.

Our results Search impressions and blog visits soar sky-high

The new content attracted 200k visits to the blog hub, in eight months, post implementation.

We managed to achieve 4.2 million impressions in the SERPs for Broadway.

Through all the targeted content and guides, it brought a huge 140k clicks to the content hub!

And this resulted in a 120% increase YoY, for all organic traffic.

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