Restoring website health, to make massive marketing gains.


Active IQ


Digital Design
Web Development

  • 155% Increase in page views
  • 423% Increase in conversions
  • 10,000 New users
Our Challenge Overturning historic issues

Active IQ launched a new version of their website in June 2016. The implementation of AnglularJS with Umbraco as the CMS platform led to many technical errors, including serious SEO shortcomings, resulting in a 32% drop in organic traffic after the launch.

To add to this problem, Active IQ’s Google Analytics platform was not functioning correctly, so as well as their SEO results being hindered, their marketing activity was also going unrecorded.

Zazzle Media stepped in to resolve these issues in 2017. With our strong abilities in web development, we were confident we could fix the shortcomings of the previous development agency, create a strong brand look and resolve the analytics tracking problems for the brand.

Our solution Exercising our web development talent, for SEO success

For Zazzle Media to be able to solve the myriad of technical problems, and to accommodate the requirements of Active IQ for their new look, we replatformed their existing website to WordPress while also addressing a host of fundamental SEO errors.

The brand wanted to ensure everything was ‘Google friendly’ to counteract the downward trend they experienced from the initial site launch.

After Zazzle Media replatformed the site, we undertook a rigorous technical SEO audit before launch to solve any legacy errors. Fully optimising the site would position the brand in the best possible place, to rectify and improve the drop in results they had experienced previously.

The results Massive gains across the board

Through this simple website replatform, Zazzle Media increased all the key metrics for Active IQ, more than making up the losses they had experienced and adding incredible value.

Due to increased visibility, and conversion centred design, we increased their new users on the site to over 10,000 – nearly 40% increase from their old website intake. And thanks to Google Analytics being set up and monitored correctly, there was a 423% increase in conversions for their set goals.

After the SEO visibility issues that their 2016 site created, the replatform and intensive SEO audit increased the pageviews for the website by 155%, and increased the pages viewed per session by 105%.

We reduced the site bounce rate by a staggering 30%, by ensuring the site was mapped out correctly and user-friendly for their customers seeking courses, and their educators alike.

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