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  • 79% Increase in site visibility
  • 110% Improvement in organic traffic
  • 2.4 million Visibility for content
Our Challenge Not allowing stagnation to take hold.

The Start Up Loans Company is a British finance brand, providing government backed loans for Start Up businesses – and as a result of lifting their traffic by 110% we have allowed many more people to turn their business dreams into a viable career through Start Up Loans’ financial support and mentoring.

When Start Up Loans came to us, they were in a good position in terms of their market share. They needed to ensure their performance continued to move forward, and grow their authority, to take up the largest proportion of market share in comparison to their competitors.

Zazzle Media stepped in to help with a full content marketing strategy, to attract more traffic, drive authority to the site and in turn create more conversions. Building the strategy around the right keywords and long tail phrases of potential searches was absolutely crucial to engage potential entrepreneurs.

Our Solution Producing big business content for massive market gain.

After completing a technical SEO audit, Zazzle Media put together a strategy that covered keywords, gaps in existing content and where to build authority for the brand.

We refreshed their existing content, as well as creating a host of new articles, resources and guides to achieve their aims – ensuring potential searches were covered in the content, driving consumers to engage with relevant content created with them in mind, and showcasing the business expertise that Start Up Loans had to offer potential customers.

The resources available on their site would then become the focus for an authority building campaign, securing relevance and positioning Start Up Loans as thought leaders for business advice.

Another key focus was also the creation of ‘Hero’ campaigns – we created the unique 100 Years of Start Ups piece to host on the Start Up Loans site, detailing big brand names and how their business journey progresses in an interactive timeline. An exciting prospect for potential business owners to imagine their own business on the same path! This ‘Hero’ content had to be engaging, easily shared and relevant for other business sites to drive equity to the Start Up Loans brand.

Our Results Monumental gains across the board.

Start Up Loans’ organic traffic increased by 110% in 2017, soaring above their 2016 results. We also improved Start Up Loans’ visibility by a staggering 79%, through our vigorous SEO approach, securing the site’s large share in the market. Our thorough SEO process secured Start Up Loans’ ranking for 8,123 keywords with 40,000 clicks, a 41% increase from where they were before Zazzle Media’s support.

The ‘Hero’ content, 100 Years of Start Ups, was featured on a variety of excellent sites with great trust and authority metrics – such as Ms. Career Girl, The London Economic, and NuWire Investor, as well as being picked up organically by a number of relevant business websites.

Driving authority through resource content was hugely successful for the brand. The guides and template creation was highly successful, in particular a useful Business Plan template, contributing to the lift in traffic and authority. The content was featured by many local council authorities and national business network websites, highly credible positions for the Start Up Loans content – an ideal place for the desired reader. Throughout the year these extremely reliable sites provided a whopping total of 2.4 million in visibility for Start Up Loans content and resources, throwing the reach of their useful information far and wide across the UK.

Find 100 Years of Start Ups here...
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