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  • 800% Increase in search visibility
  • 128% Increase in sessions YoY
  • 70% Increase in organic revenue
Our Challenge Defining a strategy to rival the competition for key transactional pages

Toner Giant delivers print consumables online to businesses and domestic clients. The primary business aim focuses on ‘being able to give customers what they want, when they want it’, resulting in Toner Giant holding a large amount of stock for any type of enquiry and therefore listing a large quantity of products online.

The market for print consumables is fairly saturated with a number of key competitors, meaning that a strategy for growth within the core niches of printing, computers, business and technology required an aggressive strategy from Zazzle Media.

To succeed in achieving increased organic traffic to compete with competitors, Zazzle Media would have to employ a full analysis of current activity to assess the opportunity size and define the search and content approach to take.

Our Solution A four-step strategy to boost performance across the board

Due to the level of opportunity we felt existed with the current site content, a technical site audit was first on the list for identifying the full pool of opportunities.

The audit set out to analyse the performance of title tags, URL structures, headings and redirect chains to name a few areas. The purpose was to find the sweet spot for quick and effective on-site optimisation as phase 1 for progression. The audit identified a large amount of priority changes for the transactional model pages which included a group of over 1,000 keywords.

The strategy kicked off with a focus on increasing the performance of the transactional model pages which previously did not rank, or ranked poorly. The buyer journey specifies that a user firstly visits the brand page, followed by the model page and finally the product page i.e. ‘Panasonic’ – ‘Panasonic CL’ – ‘Panasonic CL500’.

High opportunity keywords such as ‘Panasonic Laser Cartridges’ and ‘HP Toner’ claimed our attention within the model page category across nine different brands. We created over 80 pieces of descriptive copy for those with the biggest incremental growth opportunity prioritised first.
Further solutions we tackled for the client included transforming outstanding spun content into unique copy and altering existing redirect chains to improve load speeds, reduce load requests and to ensure link equity is maintained.

Our Results Delivering more than 50% of keywords into the top 10

The strategy provided to Toner Giant was fundamentally based on best practice technical SEO, which has demonstrated impressive ROI figures for the client.

Although only scratching the surface of the optimisation opportunity available to the client, we have managed to achieve an impressive increase in year on year revenue of around £30,000 with a mixture of both homepage and blog traffic.

The search activity year on year has reported that over 50% of keywords are now ranking in the top 10 whereby less than 20% were reported to be ranking in the previous period. Key improvements include the movement of huge transactional terms onto the first page of Google, including: ‘HP Toner’ from 13th to 5th, ‘Toner Cartridge’ 11th to 2nd and ‘Toner’ to 13th to 4th to name a few.

Notably, Toner Giant have also experienced an 800% increase in search visibility, resulting in a reported 128% increase in sessions and a 70% increase in organic revenue year on year (despite a period of penguin recovery in October 2016) – therefore supporting our decision to perform a thorough technical SEO assessment.

“Working with Zazzle has been a pleasure from the start after some bad past experiences it’s reassuring to work with a company with both great care and service and a high level of expertise.”
Stuart, Toner Giant

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