Implementing data-led insight to place UK2 at centre stage of online hosting services.




Digital PR

  • 56% Organic revenue increase
  • 2.5K Additional keywords ranking
  • 111% Visibility score increase
Our Challenge Informing the market leading host provider of top priorities.

In summer 2015, UK2 came to Zazzle Media in a quest to further establish their online presence within the ‘hosting’ and ‘domain name’ space; seeking advice about their website performance and abilities to rank for key terms.

The challenge set by the client was to increase organic revenue through the improvement of keyword rankings and overall website visibility.

As with most new clients that we look after, the best place to start is often a full technical SEO audit of their website and content activity to assess the current performance – an exercise often found to be very healthy when identifying opportunity gaps.

For UK2, our analysis focused primarily on the website’s interlinking URL structure and keyword opportunities, which in turn uncovered areas of interest surrounding domains, sub domains and competitor analysis which we will cover in more detail shortly.

The challenge in hand was the pure size of the market, as well as competitors including 123Reg and GoDaddy which take a large portion of the ‘hosting’ and ‘domain name’ market in the UK.

Our Solution Actioning content opportunities and executing SEO fixes.

We uncovered various serious issues surrounding parked domains which caused the misuse of exact match anchor text, which was causing low quality link signalling. Once we had identified and analysed the matter we applied a nofollow strategy which enabled the brand to benefit from the Penguin 4.0 algorithm update when it landed in autumn 2016. This also allowed UK2 to rank on page one for ‘domain names’ in the UK at the time.

Another notable issue which the audit flagged was with various sub domains of UK2, detailing around 20,000 pages which needed cleaning and in some cases restructuring entirely.

As part of our mission to increase organic revenue for the client, we delved into competitor analysis and consumer behaviour trends. Our research resulted in UK2 reformulating their price points online to become more competitive and more in-line with other online hosting providers.

The implementations were a huge change for the client and involved a total rethink of their pricing model to prevent competitors undercutting and convert more traffic into converting.

To boost brand awareness for UK2, we outlined a distribution plan for a series of PR campaigns. The media placements targeted niche, industry specific publications to ensure that we engaged with relevant consumers to the brand.

Our Results Ranking and revenue beating all expectation.

As a result of our consultations and ongoing relationship with UK2, we have seen, and continue to see, fantastic results for the brand across their most important hosting and domain name related keyword sets.

Firstly, from a brand awareness perspective, the creative content produced and distributed by our PR team gained attention from numerous ‘technology’ placement sites, meeting the eyeballs of almost 500,000 people.

In assessing site visibility, the search team made good progress in identifying and actioning fixes to boost positioning, improve page equity, grow organic traffic and importantly to the client, increase organic revenue.

These progressions can be seen in the improvement of high volume terms boosting visibility score as well as the increase in revenue for UK2 following our online price positioning amends – demonstrating the fact that consumers really do shop around for the best price in 2017.

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