Recovery and re-establishment; positioning the client for maximum impact.




Data and Strategy

  • 6000% Increase in search visibility
  • Position 1 For key terms
  • 1800% Boost in organic traffic YoY
Our Challenge Releasing the site from legacy issues and re-establishing brand positioning

LeaseCar came to Zazzle Media in early 2016 with the desire to gain a bigger footprint in their search landscape via improved key generic ranking positions and incremental long tail visibility. The site had been held back by traffic drops and action was needed to re-establish LeaseCar in the market.

The challenge set by the client was to help ensure a smooth transition to a new site, including SEO consultancy during the build and post-launch to ensure the impact of the new site could be felt as fully and as quickly as possible.

The marketplace in this industry is heavily saturated, but with a small number of dominant brands owning the major search term rankings. We needed to put the site in a position to fight with these leading protagonists and grab additional opportunity via the long tail.

Our Solution Positioning the brand for growth

The historic algorithm issues the site was suffering from had taken hold and were massively restricting the ability of the site to perform. Our technical team decided a domain switch, alongside the new site, was the best way to free the shackles and move the brand forward from an organic search perspective.

Our attention in this piece was firmly fixed on key SEO considerations, such as keyword research, information architecture, redirects and Google Tag Manager implementation.

The organic strategy moving forward included creative brainstorming, search-led opportunity discovery and on & off page content creation and distribution to drive relevancy, engagement and authority. Our strategic work identified an opportunity around manufacturers, for which the site did not previously rank well. Our initial goal was to establish the brand on key search terms, but we could see real benefit from manufacturer-specific terms such as ‘Audi leasing’ and ‘BMW 3 series leasing’.

Information architecture was important for this, ensuring search engines could identify the right pages to rank for our target terms. This meant that the site structure and internal linking needed particular attention.

We then undertook a comprehensive authority building campaign to drive equity into the right areas of the site, by creating written and visual content and distributing it off-page, with a focus on placement site relevance and authority.

Our Results Rankings and visibility beating all expectations

With the site now attracting more authority and having improved content relevancy and engagement, rankings and visibility have increased exponentially. 

This has led to true commercial benefit for the client, with significant traffic increases and improved conversion. Most importantly, the client is now free of legacy algorithm restrictions and is able to build on this massive success in the longer term, to further dominate their marketplace.

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