Earning record-breaking brand coverage and increasing visibility.

  • 90 Domain Authority
  • 8.3m Social following
  • 10.4m Hitwise total
Our Challenge Raise brand awareness and user engagement.

Skyn came to us with a relatively modest social media and industry profile and so attracting new customers and gaining coverage, coupled with their premium lifestyle, premium brand target audience, was proving challenging.

It would be important that our strategy could achieve mass coverage across a number of social communities in a way that both entertained and communicated the core values of Skyn as a premium brand.

Our Solution Brand interaction to hit the spot.

An interactive campaign aimed at creating an engaging and fun user experience to increase brand reach.

Brand insight showed that female purchasers were a key demographic for Skyn, especially as a premium brand, rather than a male audience where many of their competitors focused activity. And as such the launch of Fifty Shades of Grey the movie provided a very strong focus for the campaign.

To attract attention and encourage engagement with the Skyn brand an interactive quiz was designed to allow individuals to discover what shade of grey they were. Users were also given a suggested sex position and tips to help them discover ‘even better sex’ – positioning Skyn as an authority on the subject.

The quiz was heavily promoted on the Skyn Facebook channel and complemented with other lifestyle focused posts aiming to provide some variety in content. This included a partnership with Buzzfeed, which was incredibly successful in driving activity.

Interactive social sharing buttons added to the quiz enabled users to share the content with a wide audience to help increase reach for Skyn.

Our Results Exposing the brand to record-breaking coverage and increasing brand visibility.

The campaign was successful in cutting through the substantial noise that surrounded a very prominent public event (the launch of one of the most anticipated films in recent years), thanks to an incredibly effective engagement mechanism and PR activity.

Skyn experienced a 232% increase in sessions and a 52% reduction in bounce rate. In just the first 6 days Skyn received over 10,000 sample requests, so successful we had to pause the campaign so they were able to keep up with demand.

The coverage that this campaign obtained was a crucial factor in the success of this content strategy and as such social engagement and awareness figures were closely monitored.

The ‘how grey are you’ quiz recorded over 2,100 views on Buzzfeed, 10,100 shares on Facebook and a total average post engagement rate of 7.4%.

In total, Skyn managed to generate 10 months’ worth of UK website page views in under 1 month.

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