9 Reasons why Guest Posting is now the No1 Link Building Tactic

Simon Penson 8 years ago

The proliferation of black and white animal related updates of recent weeks has given further credence to a more creative and exciting form of digital marketing - one that will reward those with expertise and the forethought to give value in order to win business.

For those that 'get it' a life with Google on your side and a social audience of HUGE value awaits. All that is needed are some great ideas, a solid and deliverable content strategy and some hard work to develop relationships with the key influencers in your space.

The reward will be the development of great relationships and one of the very best ways to kickstart that process is via guest posting.

For those that have yet to embark on such a strategy it has huge value - both from a branding perspective and for the right kind' of links.

We know that Google now, rightly, rewards contextual links from relevant sites. In turning the anchor text signal off earlier this year they opened the door to greater prominence of relevancy and with it we are seeing the increased impact natural links from guest posts are having. And we're not talking about poor content with a 'paid for' link. Instead we are promoting genuine thought leadership pieces that bloggers and websites WANT to share and publish. That kind of content requires expertise and HARD WORK and so to motivate you to create it here are 15 reasons why you should become a guest posting god....

1. The aforementioned switching off of a 'key link signal' (thought to be anchor text) means that naturalised links from content win BIG. Relevancy of link has been turned up a notch and that means guest posts are more powerful.

2. People like sharing great content. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, as my guest post over at Distilled explains, instead create something with a new spin or great detail or experience shared within it. If it's good enough the key blogs will lap it up. And that means links from great sites.

3. We know AuthorRank is coming. And that alone should be enough of a reason to write more, quality content. Google wants to promote content and pages based of WHO wrote it, not where it is written and therefore time now spent earning reputation for your writing on a subject could win you lots of traffic and business in the future.

4. Content really is king. The changes we are seeing now are not cyclical or 'another fad' the likes of which we have seen so often as the Search Engines grow up and get smarter. This is the end game and all other forms of media prove this. A period of technology development is always replaced, ultimately, by the need for brilliant content. Without it print, radio and TV would be worthless. And the net is no different.

5. Guest posting humanises the web - and that's a great thing. In order to get your post placed you need to talk to a human being with similar interests and knowledge. Human interaction and sharing around specialist subjects is the foundation of all media.

6. What's better than writing, well, about the thing you love? Guest posting rewards you for doing that.

7. It will help you learn on so many levels. Not only from the research you may do as part of creating the content but also in terms of better understanding your industry. The process forces you to find out who REALLY are the influencers in your space and that can, in turn, give you a better understanding of your own business and its place in the market.

8. Guest posts get deep links. While links to homepage are great and help build domain authority deep links can really power your strategy to the next level and links back to your site from a relevant piece of content to a specific category or even product/service page means you promote the pages that convert. And that's worth much more to you.

9. In placing guest content you win on two levels: 1. You get that important link and 2. You leverage their audience and reach to improve your brand visibility. Chances are they'll tweet and share it socially too, which should help you grow your own social audience and become less reliant solely on Google for your traffic and business. And diversity is key to sustaining a long term business as anyone hit by Penguin will tell you.

The points above are not designed to tell you how or where to execute your guest post outreach but instead give you the ammunition and motivation to actually go out there and do it in the first place. And as more and more people that share their knowledge the web, and search, becomes a better place. And that's all the motivation Google needs to keep promoting it!


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