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Michael Hewitt 3 years ago

As Zazzle Media heads back to BrightonSEO, we’re inviting you to join us for in-depth discussions on both days of the conference.

BrightonSEO opens its doors for its first live event in more than 18 months this September, and Zazzle Media’s colleagues from Stickyeyes and Reprise will be taking to the stage – both in person and virtually.

On 9-10 September, both Tasha Amponsah-Antwi from Reprise Media and Jack Nottidge from Stickyeyes will present key insights from the world of search, with those same sessions available online on 23-24 September.

Integrating audience insights into your SEO approach for fashion and beauty brands – Tasha Amponsah-Antwi.

After a popular session at this summer’s virtual event, Tasha will return to the BrightonSEO stage in-person to discuss how fashion and beauty brands can use audience insights to shape their organic search strategies.

Tasha’s session will be about helping brands use data and insight to find the opportunities that many brands are missing in this fast-paced, competitive sector.

Tasha will be speaking on Thursday 9 Sept at 2:30pm, in Syndicate 1&2.

Understanding user journeys and search intent: Why search experience is more than just core web vitals – Jack Nottidge.

With so much discussion on search experience in the world of SEO, Jack’s session will discuss how important it is to remember that our efforts to improve search experience can’t just be driven by technical fixes.

Jack will discuss how consumer search behaviour is not always what it seems – and how we can use that insight to develop more agile and effective SEO strategies that better reflect what our audiences actually want from their respective search journeys.

Jack’s session will open the talks in Auditorium 1 at 10:00am on Friday 10 Sept.

Tickets for the conference, as well as online access passes, can be ordered from

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