Website Migration 101 (not 404): What you’ll get from our BrightonSEO presentation

Michael Hewitt 3 years ago

We’re going to BrightonSEO this week, with Senior SEO Lead Richard Hird discussion the pitfalls of website migrations in his talk, Website Migration 101 (not 404). Here’s what you’ll get from the session.

Website migrations can put search visibility at risk. We’ll explain how, and what you can do to avoid it.

The aim of a search migration is not just to maintain search visibility at pre-migration levels, but to use the new structure as a platform for future rankings and visibility growth. However, all too often we see that isn’t the case.

Poorly planned and deployed migrations can have severe impacts on your organic search visibility and create poor user experiences, making it difficult for both users and search engines to find the right content. This results in lost rankings and, ultimately, lost sales.

In Richard’s session, he’ll discuss how to identify the common pitfalls that are most likely to lead to lost rankings and visibility, as well as how you can plan out the entire migration project from start to finish.

We’ll talk you through the entire process, from strategic planning and preparation, through to the big day itself and beyond.

The session will take you through the key stages of a migration, from goal setting, planning and pre-migration actions, through to the migration itself and the post-migration review.

What you’ll learn are the series of strategic and tactical processes necessary to ensure that you achieve precisely what you want to achieve from your migration. By following this process, you should avoid those common pitfalls and deliver a project that provides long-term, sustainable growth.

We’ll share case studies and our experience of successful migration projects

We’ll put all of our insight into context with case studies of our experience of successful migrations, delivered for brands of all sizes in a wide range of industry sectors.

The idea is that what you learn from the session will be scalable to your project, whether you’re working on a SME migration, or a bigger project for a large global enterprise.

Join Richard Hird for Website Migration 101 (not 404) at BrightonSEO, live from 10:35am on Friday 26 March 2021.

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