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Alex Jones 4 weeks ago

Our monthly review of the best content the internet has to offer.

April has been a strange month for marketers, with brands and agencies working around the clock to ensure their output is both relevant and worthwhile during this period of global uncertainty.

But as the old saying goes, adversity breeds creativity and the following examples prove that there is still an audience out there willing to consume great content, if the tone and delivery is right.

Social Distancing Snapchat Lense

Augmented reality has emerged as one of the most exciting tools in a marketer’s arsenal over the past year and this example, from Snapchat, proves how it can be used in a more formal capacity rather than as a novelty.

The app introduced two new lenses, both created in collaboration with the World Health Organisation. One visualises acceptable measurements of social distancing and the other provides users with tips on how to stay healthy, including animated reminders about hand washing and how important it is to not touch your face.

The first lens entitled "My Social Distance," creates an AR circle on the ground to highlight the necessary space recommended by the World Health Organisation. An inventive and practical tool to help those still venturing out to safely go about their business.

The two Snapchat lenses are available now and link to the WHO's website with additional safety tips.

Out Of Home during lockdown

As far as launching an out of home campaign goes, you would be hard pressed to think of a more challenging time to launch your first ever attempt.

Unfortunately, that was the situation snack brand Emily found themselves in. Primed and ready to launch their first out of home campaign, the pandemic descended and promptly drove their advertising audience indoors.

Instead of admitting defeat, the team decided to embrace the situation and their misfortune, creating a series of hilarious messages poking fun at their unfortunate marketing launch timings.

A sense of humour is vital during these time and this approach has helped turn a doomed OOH project into a viral hit. You can take a look at a few of the ads below.

Beyond Limits

In the world of marketing there is always a balance to strike between editorial output and advertorial. As you can imagine, in “advertising spots” the content included is very much focused on the sell, but for their latest string of ads, BT have decided to take a more editorial approach.

Entitled 'Beyond Limits', the ads serve as public information broadcasts, giving the audience helpful technology tips and advice which could help improve their quality of life during lockdown.

Director of marketing communications for BT, Peter Jeavons told Marketing Week what pushed them in this direction...

One of the things we were very mindful of is that what most brands are doing is telling people about what their purpose is, why [people] can trust them and that they are a good partner to have around at this time. What we wanted to do was almost the opposite to that – not tell people what our purpose is, but doing purposeful communications that demonstrate our purpose.

Play for the World

What with every major sporting event cancelled for the foreseeable future, sporting brands have had to adjust their marketing plans substantially and quickly!

Sporting behemoth Nike are no different and have created “Play for the World”, a content marketing campaign which revolves around 5cs of engagement, each one demonstrating a different avenue of interaction for its customers.

1. Commitment, Through a Library of Digital Workouts and Resources
2. Community, Through Livestreamed Workouts Led by Nike Master Trainers
3. Coaching, Through Partnerships That Encourage Kids to Stay Active
4. Competition, Through Digital Fitness Challenges
5. Creativity, Through Tom Sachs' In Situation Resource Utilization (I.S.R.U)

It is a comprehensive (another C) approach to this pandemic which showcases what is possible when a brand throws everything they’ve got at a scenario.

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