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Content Marketing Round-Up

Aoife Daly 3 years ago

Our monthly review of the best content the internet has to offer.

Just as we were getting used to the idea of it being March, April seems to have snuck upon us. While we’d normally be taken aback by how quickly the next month has rolled around, April has been one we’ve all been undoubtedly looking to for a while – it’s finally pub o’clock here in the UK. Yes, we may have to put up with the typical British weather ruining our fun, but at least we can do that with a cocktail in hand.

With the likes of pubs, restaurants and shops starting to open up after numerous lockdowns, many brands are using the change in season to refresh their marketing campaigns. Unsure of where to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of April’s best marketing campaigns for inspiration.

Dove - Fighting Against Filters

Dove has long been known for embracing body positivity and diversity, making both issues top priorities for many of their campaigns. Their latest, namely #NoDigitalDistortion, is an incredibly powerful reminder as to how social media has warped our perception of self-worth and beauty.

The campaign includes a short film called ‘Reverse Selfie’. Just as the name suggests, this features a young girl uploading an edited image onto a social media platform in reverse, showing everything from a made-up, completely edited portrait to the reality of a much younger girl with different features, hair and makeup looking disheartened at herself in the mirror.

As well as a video, Dove combined forces with body positive influences who pledged to no digital distortion in their images while showing unedited photos of themselves – flaws and all. Dove used hashtags, influencers and even a downloadable activity pack to get the campaign out there. They used all the best tools possible to make their campaign go viral, pushing an important message while boosting their reputation as a brand with a body positive message that many will relate to.

National Rail - Bring Hope

Mental health has always been an incredibly important issue and any campaign that brings awareness to it is worth mentioning. Research undertaken by the National Rail shows that around half of the public and three-quarters of 18 to 24 year olds believe COVID-19 has negatively affected their mental health, with many reporting increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Due to these worrying findings, National Rail has partnered with Chasing the Stigma and launched their ‘There is Always Hope’ campaign. This includes a stunning short film showcasing how hope and positivity are around every corner – or platform, in this case. Imploring viewers to reach out and get help for their mental health, it promotes the free Hub of Hope tool.

This successful collaboration shows how two very different businesses can get together to launch a meaningful campaign that not only promotes a worthy cause, but also gain a positive reputation.

Rockstar - Life Is Your Stage

With a name like ‘Rockstar’, the energy drink brand certainly has a lot to live up to. Their latest digital campaign, Life is Your Stage, is based on three short videos showcasing the grind and hustle of three relatable characters. Featuring a delivery driver, an aspiring rapper and an office worker, recharging with the help of a can of Rockstar before going about their tasks with vigour.

Dependant on your customer research and typical watering holes, a video campaign like Rockstar's might not be in your plans but, there are still plenty of tips you can take from the campaign. Showcasing very real scenarios will make your brand more relatable to the wider public, help gain a loyal customer base and reinforce your brand image. Think about what your customers are like in terms of their daily life, goals, activities and age group before launching a campaign to successfully appeal to them and their lifestyle.

Tala - A Sweaty Surprise


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We couldn’t write up April’s best campaigns without including at least one April Fool’s day idea.

Sustainable fashion brand We Are Tala paired up with deodorant brand Wild to seemingly sell a collaborative deodorant and gym wear set. The catch? The deodorant was apparently sweat infused, and the clothing featured built-in dark sweat patches – erm, what? Luckily, it was quickly revealed that the actual collaboration was a TALA and Wild collaborative competition, but not before it created a stir on social media.

While this may seem like it is only applicable for April’s Fools Day, the general idea of being facetious with your audience is a great way to show off your brand’s fun, human side. It’ll also raise all-important engagement on your social media and get people talking – just remember to make it obvious it’s a joke! This campaign also reflects the mutual benefits of working with brands with a similar message, sending one brand’s audience to the other.

Hopefully you’ve got some inspiration for your next big campaign – or, at the very least, had something to read while you wait for your drink. Cheers!

From Aoife and the Zazzle Media team.


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