A Zazzle Beginner’s Guide To SEO: Part II

Alex Jones 9 years ago

The Key Part Of An SEO Strategy

The majority of traffic to websites is sent by search engines such as Google, making SEO an essential tool for any website wanting to be successful. The keywords used to lead the SEO campaigns are often overlooked in terms of just how important they are, with many website owners using too many.

“But surely we want to get as many keywords in as possible?” I hear you cry. Well yes, you do, but Google doesn’t. If you use too many keywords, the daddy of all search engines will penalize you and you’ll actually be doing more harm to your site than good.

As a general rule of thumb with all of the content we produce, we try to optimise one page with three to four keywords or phrases at the most. In the past, we content writers were encouraged to cram as many keywords into a page as possible, shouting “NOTICE ME” at Mr. Google like a child trying to get attention.

Google didn’t seem to keen on that philosophy, however, and the modern technique seems to not only be more favourable, but it makes the content read much better than it used to.

Another tip would be to use your keywords in the title of your site as well as in the description tag, but again, don’t overload them. Just like with any article in print or online, the title is the first place people, and Google, will look, and if it sees you’ve tried to get around it’s lower keyword policy by getting them in the title, it’ll penalize you.

For more information on how to write the best possible SEO content, have a read of the blog written by our very own content manager Shaun Edwards by clicking here.

Alternatively, contact Zazzle Media today on 01778 382713 to find out how an SEO strategy can help your website.

If you missed the first installment of the Zazzle Beginner's Guide To SEO, click here or come back next week for more in my beginner's guide. You can always follow me on Twitter @Zazzle_Chris for regular Zazzle and SEO related news.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog- this blog was written by Chris White, a Content Executive at Zazzle Media.

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