Brexit Marketing

How to Tackle Brexit With Your Content

Emma Baxter 1 year ago

To tackle Brexit or not? It's the question many brands have been asking. It's a big issue, especially for those in the travel sector because we're all going to be affected by the political decisions made (probably) later this month. Yet people are reluctant to touch the topic because it's so divisive - the 52/48 referendum result means customers of a brand are likely to be split - and opinions are changing all the time.

So we took the opportunity to put this podcast together to try to help brands make sense of the situation and whether they should be discussing Brexit with their customers.

Here are the three main points we cover:

    1. Find a way to cover Brexit in a way that's appropriate for you and your brand
    2. Keep your clients up to date with a well maintained FAQs page
    3. Create trust by being honest with your customers and signpost them to useful information

If you are wondering how to merge your content strategy with the big issues like Brexit, get in touch!

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