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Brighton SEO 2016 – Full Video Round Up

Lucy Hemingway 3 years ago

BrightonSEO is one of the biggest events in the digital marketing calendar; a free conference for thousands of industry professionals to share best practice.

The event is also well covered with round up posts two-a-penny. But we don't do the 'norm'.

Instead, we can reveal the results of our exclusive partnership with event organisers to produce a series of super-useful post-conference videos to extract the most actionable and useful takeaways. We're calling it #PressPass and you'll be seeing more of this kind of content from us over the coming months.

Click on the button below to gain access to the exclusive insight videos from industry leaders across the board including: Anna Lewis, Paul Curry, Kirsty Hulse, Phil Nottingham, Richard Petersen, Olga Adrienko, Rob Watson, Mark Leech and Stacey MacNaught!

The teaser roundup (and the first in the series) is our short round-up video for BrightonSEO, which can be found below. In it you'll find snapshots from interviews with the most popular speakers from the event who have given some of their reasons for visiting BrightonSEO as well as a few snippets of their best tips ahead of the video bundle launch.

If you like what you see, we have also created an in-depth version for those with more time and that want to dive deeper into the opportunities covered which will be released later this week along with the independent videos themselves.

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