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Zazzle Media is Peterborough’s Smaller Business of the Year

Kirsty Daniel 3 years ago

Zazzle Media was the toast of the region on Friday as the team claimed one of the illustrious Business of the Year awards.

The Zazzlers came out on top after fighting it out with the cream of Peterborough’s best companies, in recognition for the businesses growth and subsequent acquisition in what has been described as a 'seminal moment' in the company’s fast moving story.

Speaking about the win, Zazzle Media MD Simon Penson said:

“While we love winning industry awards for our work, in many ways awards like this say much more about what this amazing team has achieved.

Good work is good work but building a business takes so much more. That work has to be delivered consistently, for all clients, year after year so I couldn’t be happier to see that recognised."

The ‘Smaller Business of the Year’ award was delivered at the 22nd annual Peterborough Telegraph Business Awards in front of almost 450 of the region’s best businesses, and presented by Josephine Fairley, co-founder of Green & Blacks chocolate.

“It was a well hosted event," Zazzle’s founder went on. “Our aim now is to continue the story to ensure we are in with a chance of winning it back next year and defend the title!"

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