How Coca Cola Became Digital Marketing Rockstars!

Laura Leyland 7 years ago

Coca Cola have gripped the nation this summer with their simple but brilliant ‘share a coke’ campaign, offering consumers the chance to swap the coke brand name with their own and share the experience with others.
This has arguably been one of the most revolutionary marketing campaigns ever delivered and one of the reasons we’re all so excited about it here at Zazzle is that it demonstrates what can be achieved if digital is successfully integrated into the marketing mix. Almost overnight, it's given digital marketers the world over a successful case study to refer to in the budget battle against other traditional forms of marketing.

Coke have adapted their campaign to reflect how we consume our media in 2013 with complementary mix of on and offline media. What’s more, digital is at the heart of this campaign because it makes their aim of delivering a ‘personalised brand experiences’ a reality, and shows us what the future of marketing holds in store.

To view the ‘Prezi’, click through using the arrows below to be shown around the presentation.

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