state of content marketing survey 2018

The Results are in… The State of Content Marketing 2018

Kirsty Daniel 2 years ago

The second edition of our State of Content Marketing Survey has landed!

The brand new results have revealed how marketing professionals are struggling to convince decision makers about the worth of content marketing, thanks to a mixture of high expectations and a lack of focus in terms of clear ROI. Marketers shared their frustrations of not being able to prove the effectiveness of content marketing, with only 1 in 5 of those polled confident that they were carrying out their campaigns using “best practice”.

These knowledge gaps combined with a wide range of objectives to achieve increases the potential for poor perceived performance, fortunately there is a way to ease these frustrations. A strong strategy.

To get the full results you can download the free eBook here:


Managing director of Zazzle Media, Simon Penson, commented on the new results:

Having asked hundreds of key marketing decision makers in what is now the second annual poll of their content marketing plans it is clear that while budgets are growing it is getting harder and harder to deliver the results now demanded of those purse string holders. It’s not stopping marketers spending more (yet) but it is abundantly clear now that those at the execution end of those plans have never been under more scrutiny than they are now, or pressure to improve output to achieve the desired result.

To get the full picture of content marketing for the last 12 months, download the full results to learn how far we've come in a year, the direction your next strategy should take, and what new tech you should be embracing. Here's to another year of content marketing growth!

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