46 Ways To Create a Data Led Marketing Strategy

Adam Brown 6 years ago

Strategies are needed across the marketing spectrum. It may be that you are posting random content on Facebook in the hope of it going viral, or writing ‘some blog posts’ that seem like they will do well - but everything you do in your activity should be data led marketing, backed by a strategy of some sort.

That may be a very loose strategy but having a stable groundwork to build from will always be a good thing, and when I speak about a strategy I’m not talking about planning every single little piece of work you are going to be carrying out. It’s more about having a base to work from.

This blog post isn’t here to tell you exactly what you should be doing. Everyone reading this will have slightly different goals to achieve but it will help you with tools and resources to improve your marketing strategy. If the points don’t apply to you, don’t disregard them straight away as there might be something you are missing out of your current strategy.


Whenever you are carrying out any sort of marketing you should use personas; marketing your product to random people more than likely isn’t going to work. Making sure you know your audience has to be step one in the marketing pipeline as this will influence everything you do. It should be something that you go back to often to make sure your efforts are heading in the right direction.

  1. Yougov
  2. GWI
  3. Focus Groups
  4. Polldaddy
  5. Facebook insights
  6. quora.com
  7. Google consumer surveys
  8. Google Analytics demographics


When it comes to social media there are many tools out there that offer you a way to promote, schedule and boost your social efforts. We have put together a list of tools and resources that will actually provide you with data on how you can either improve or inform your current/non existent social marketing strategy.

  1. Facebook insights
  2. topsy.com
  3. Tweriod
  4. reddit
  5. Buzzsumo
  6. likebutton.com
  7. crowdbooster.com

On page

This data - especially for a shop or a lead based website - is very valuable as it will in turn increase the number of people you convert. There are many A/B testing websites/tools that help to look at where users convert and drop out but there are also other tools that look at the number of links your content has generated. This gives you an idea of what really worked well.

  1. UserTesting
  2. unbounce.com
  3. URL Profiler
  4. kissmetrics.com
  5. fivesecondtest.com
  6. vwo.com
  7. optimizely.com
  8. Google Analytics behavior funnel

Keyword research

Most people reading this will do some form of keyword research and much of this will be done for SEO purposes to find what keywords you should be targeting. However, keyword research can now be done on more of a granular scale. You used to be able to find what words people searched for but now you can see the questions people are asking.

Answering a question someone is asking has always been a brilliant way of producing content, with updates such as hummingbird further increasing the ability of Google to search for answers to users’ questions. That is of SEO benefit and user benefit to conduct keyword research in a much more granular way.

  1. Keyword planner
  2. keywordtool.io
  3. answerthepublic.com
  4. Semrush
  5. Search Metrics

PR & influencer discovery

Many people will create content and then simply send it unsolicited to websites/journalists, but reaching out to them beforehand can have real benefits.
If you can gain feedback from people on relevant sites that means they will place your content and just generally improve the written content you produce.

  1. http://paper.li/pro.html
  2. Bottlenose.com
  3. Semrush.com
  4. Twitter - journalists
  5. HARO
  6. Topsy

Content strategy

When building a content strategy it doesn’t come down to one magic tool - a combination of tools and processes will influence your strategy. All of the above will help with a strategy. What questions do you need to answer? What content will you need to create? Who do you need to target on social? Don’t forget the creation of those personas as this really needs to be on point.

  1. Epicbeat.epictions
  2. Google trends
  3. socialcrawlytics.com
  4. http://www.google.com/publicdata/directory
  5. http://scholar.google.com/advanced_scholar_search
  6. http://www.techrepublic.com
  7. http://www.zanran.com
  8. ahrefs.com
  9. http://toolong-didntread.com
  10. http://answerthepublic.com
  11. Buzzsumo
  12. websites relevant to your niche

There are many tools and resources that can help inform your marketing strategy but it really all stems from understanding your audience completely. Once you know your audience and what they like, the rest will come naturally.

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