How To Avoid The Wrath Of The Panda

Lauren Allen 9 years ago

That pesky Panda update seemed to turn the whole SEO world upside down earlier this year, causing websites to plummet down the rankings faster than the Australian cricket team. If you’ve experienced the Search marketing version of brewer’s droop (delightful analogy, eh?), then you might be doing one of the following things that gets that Panda growling.

Firstly, you need to make sure that there are no blank pages on the website. By this, I mean pages that exist simply to give other pages on the site somewhere to link to, with no useful or substantial content whatsoever. You could go down the line of simply deleting these pages, but a better alternative could be to fill them with useful content, meaning you can keep those already established links and maybe even increase traffic to your site by providing useful, relevant information.

Next, make sure your site is not affected by a high advert ratio.  Rather ironically, Google themselves have noted that the over-use of adverts will lead to the wrath of the panda (a film title if ever there was one), despite the fact that they personally issue AdWords – who openly encourage you to throw ads everywhere like cheap aftershave. We vote sticking with the former approach – no-one will be clicking your adverts if your site is banned, anyway.

Finally, content built with little or no human interaction will see Google take a dim view of your site. Like adverts, reducing the number of affiliate links and amount of automatically generated content will lead to a far greater decrease in your chances of getting a swift kick up the backside.

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