Maximising your customer search experience: Free training with BrightonSEO

Michael Hewitt 2 mins ago

Customer experience is playing a bigger role in the comsumer search journey. Users expect brands to be there, with the right content, the right answers and the right products, at the right time across every touchpoint.

With Google's forthcoming experience-related updates coming later in 2021, customer experience is going to be even higher on the agenda for search marketers.

That's why Zazzle Media, Stickyeyes and BrightonSEO have teamed up to provide a free on-demand training session, The In-house Marketer's Guide to Maximising your Customer Journey.

Delivered as part of BrightonSEO Spring 2021, experts from across the Stickyeyes Group will take you through a 90-minute self-guided tutorial, taking you through the search marketing and content strategy and tactics that will help you to optimise your brand's customer experience.

In the session, we will cover:

  • What triggers a customer search journey: How we can understand why consumers start a search journey, what those journeys look like, and how we can plan to be there across each touchpoint.
  • Delivering incredible branded content experiences: How you can understand what your customers are looking for, what you can offer them, and use that to create amazing branded content.
  • Harnessing the power of informational content: How you can "be there" for your customers to answer the questions they they need answering, and build possitive brand sentiment in the process.
  • Conversion: How to make the most of that traffic, understanding and tacking the anxieties that your users have when it comes to converting.
  • Q&A Panel discussion: Our experts tackle key questions about how you can get started in delivering those market-leading experiences.

The entire training programme is available for free, on demand and is supported by downloadable guides that you can take away for future reference.

Get book your place, sign-up to The In-house Marketer's Guide to Maximising your Customer Journey

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