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Simon Penson 7 years ago

Office move blog posts are tedious at best and at worst an ego-massaging waste of pixel space.

2photoWe're acutely aware of that fact, but also that we preach to our own clients the value of content, irrespective of how 'dry' the subject matter is.

For that very reason we set ourselves a challenge to make our recent office move a little more interesting and the result is this time-lapse video proving that the whole team (perhaps minus our head of social Ben Harper, who is seated throughout:)) got involved, turning the project round in a little under four hours from plug out to plug in.

So, without further ado here is that content....and a little glimpse into our new home....

Below is a shot of our meeting room also, which was not captured by the time-lapse above....


Office 11

Office 28

Office 40

Office 5




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